Yard Leveler

The All Purpose Yard and Road Leveler For Farm and Utility Uses


4', 6' and 8' wide models adapt to a variety of applications

  • Floating design prevents ridges yet fills in holes and ruts.
  • Uses include farm yards, lanes, township roads, racetracks, landscaping and road shoulder maintenance to name a few.
  • Weight box allows weight to be added to increase cutting aggressiveness.
  • Angle cutter bard cut and stir gravel and curved rear member carries material to fill in holes and ruts.
  • Can be used as a 3 pt. or pull type model
The Yard Leveler can easily be converted from 3 pt. Hitch to a pull type unit. The lift chain is moved from the rear clevis to a clevis at the front. A clevis is provided to drop a pin through pick up hitch. Unit will pull straight and is an ideal set-up for long lanes or township roads.