TCB1000HD Clamshell Grapple


A heavy duty clamshell bucket with a high penetrating force, and a heavily reinforced body. The cutting edges on the bucket are made of .63" (16mm) boron steel. The jaws are sharpened for easy penetration, and close up tight

It also comes with:.

• Enlarged, sealed bushings.

• A built in pressure reduction valve.

Double-equalizer linkage, which distributes the load evenly during the closing of the grapple.

Large diameter joints for durability.

• The mounting plate is built to take the strain of operating in horizontal positions with a rigid rotator.

• All Valby grapples have a bronze bushing at every joint, and every joint has a grease fitting.

• The Valby grapples have large, powerful cylinders with heavy pistons.

• All Valby grapples have easily accessible grease fitting.

Available options include: digging teeth, hanging mount, rigid mount, and quick attach plate.


Technical Specs

1144 lbs
145.3 Gallons (550 liters)
Gripping Force
3600 lb-force
Recommended Oil Flow
15.8 GPM
Max Oil Pressure
3625 psi
Height Closed