R45 Rotator


The R45 is a continuous rotation rotator where the oil to open and close the grapple is run through the rotator to the outlets on the axle.  The rotator has a grease fitting for hookup pin of the hanger.  The hose guard protects the hoses from damage.

• The hook up dimensions of the R45 allow it to replace GV4 and the FR10 rotators.

• The rotators come with JIC fittings.    Hook up is easy, as symbols on the rotator describe the functions of each outlet.   From left to right: opening of jaws, rotating functions, and closing of the jaws.


Technical Specs

Unlimited in Either Direction
Max Load
9921 lbs
Max Working Pressure
3626 psi
811 ft lb/2320 psi
53 lbs
Pin Size

Technical Specs

A) Width of block on top of the rotator
2.874" (73 mm)
B) Pinhole diameter through rotator
0.984" (25 mm)
C) Axle diameter
2.322" (59 mm)
D) Pinhole diameter to fasten grapple to rotator
1.181" (30 mm)
9.99" (254 mm)
JIC 3/4" 16
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