LogRite Arches


The JR Arc - JA016

Rated at 1000lb and 16” diameter, the JR weighs only 53 lb The tremendous leverage of the JR allows an operator to remove hung up trees in tight stands, as well as move logs to bunch, turn or free up skidding angles. The JR is used by picking up logs at their midpoint, to put the entire weight on a rolling basis. Logs can be moved uphill or on rough ground by “pumping” the JR. An indispensable back saving tool.


The JR Extension Handle - JH036

A 32” extension for longer logs.


Fetching Arch - FA025

While the ATV or Tractor Forwarding Arches can operate in a variety of situations, slope is the main limiting factor.  For steep slopes where wheeled vehicles can’t or shouldn’t go, or where there is no hope op pulling logs up the hill with wheel traction, the Fetching Arch and any source of line pull can quickly bring the logs out.  Primarily meant for use with high speed winches like those using tractor PTO power, the Fetching arch will pick up the log when pulled by the tow ring.  With logs clean off the ground, the power required is much less and the impact can be negligible.  The Fetching arch is walked or lowered down slope to the log, stood up on the log and the tongs set at, or just slightly ahead of the mid-point and pulled back in by the tow ring.  When the line comes tight, the Fetching Arch toggles, or ever-centers, to pick up the log and bring it along


Fetching Two Man Handle - FH072

A six foot long T-bar handle that replaces the standard handle, for two or more laborers to apply more leverage and control over logs in manual log moving.  The handle breaks down for easier transport and storage.


Fetching Two Tongue and Winch - FTTW

The tow tongue is a truss-frame structure that provides the lower hitch attachment as for towing behind an ATV or like.  With the Tow Tongue and Winch and Line, the Fetching Arch becomes a similar geometry to the ATV Forwarding Arch and is used in the horizontal configuration in like situations.  The TT&W option allows the carrying of multiple smaller logs with the choker line and being pulled behind a vehicle of any kind.


ATV Arch - AA024

The ATV Arch is simply the lightest fastest and most maneuverable product for moving logs up to 24 inches in diameter and one ton (2000lb) of weight.  Equipped with a 3200lb 2-speed hand winch (with doubling option) and 3/8 inch choker line, it can easily pick up and carry any log that will fit.  Logs of up to 10 feet in length can be carried fully suspended, while longer logs can drag a tail or be carried fully by doubling up the arches such as a Junior at the tail.  Light enough to be thrown over a log, with just a little practice this becomes the preferred method, rather than trying to back through the woods.  Designed specifically to be used with 4 wheel drive ATV’s, the logs are carried with little resistance, making the impact minimal and the maintenance on the ATV much less.  The ATV Forwarding Arch can be used with any vehicle that can be equipped with a trailer ball hitch, making the ATV Arch a very versatile forestry tool.


Turf Tire

Turf Tire for ATV and Fetching Arches (fee for specialty upgrade)


Tractor Arch

Capable of loads up to 6000lb and 36 in diameter, the Tractor arch is a super strong and versatile implement.  With 8 feet available in the reach, fully suspended loads of up to 16 feet in length can be carried or forwarded through the woods or to the portable sawmill, while longer logs can drag a tail or be doubled up on with another arch or tag axle.  Equipped with a standard 3200 lb 2-speed hand winch with a 3/8 inch choker line and doubling option, capacity loads can be lifted.  The Tractor arch also has receiver provisions front and rear for special rigging or the addition of a power winch to the system.  The Tractor Arch is available in 2 configurations with one simply hooked to a trailer ball and lifting the logs with the hand winch, while the other configuration has a mounting bracket and rigging to hook directly to a Farmi 3-point hitch, pto drive winch.  In the later case, the Farmi winch-line is led through the arch to pick up the logs.

TA030: Handles up to 4000 lb, 30" diameter log
TA036: Handles up to 6000 lb, 36" diameter log
ALB007: Light Bar
ABTA: Electric Brakes


Buck Arch - BA022H

Buck Arch Hand Use Package includes tongs and handle


Buck Arch - BA022T

Buck Arch Hand Tow Package includes tongue, winch and snatch block


Buck Arch - BH060

Buck Arch Handle and Tongs


Buck Arch - BDTW

Drop Tongue and Winch with snatch block


Buck Arch - BCH07

Chain Adapter


Accessories - PCW5000

Portawinch capstan winch, with 2.5 hp Honda engine (pcw-5000)


Accessories - RHWH *

Receiver hitch winch anchor, fits 2" square tubing (pca-1262)


Accessories - AR150

1/2" x 164' double braided poly rope (pca-1215)


Accessories - ASB04

4" diameter swing side snatch block (pca-1274)


Accessories - ACC07

1/4" x 7' choker chain, w/ C-hook and steel rod (sca-1295)


Accessories - ASL06

6' poly sling (pca-1260)