LC900 Tractor Mounted Wood Chipper


VALBY Wood Chippers are built for both affordability and durability. Valby Chippers produce uniform chips which can be used for burning/heating, animal bedding, landscaping and clearing. Valby chippers can chip soft and hard woods green or seasoned.


Hydraulic Power Feed
Disk Single   Manual Feed n/a
Disk Diameter (in.) 41"   Hydraulic Feed 1700
Disk Weight (lbs.) 350   Knives - Number 2
Disk Speed (rpm) 540/1000   Knives - Cutting Edge Single
Outpul (cu. yd/hr) 17-40   Bearings Spherical Roller Bearings
Chip Size (in.) 11/16"   Anvils 2 Adjustable
Capacity (in.) 9"   Power Source Tractor Power Take-off
Power Requirement 55-100   Linkage Three point Hitch
Drive Direct   PTO Input Speed 540 or 1000
Feed Options Hydraulic   Discharge Rotation Unlimited Rotation
Hyd. Feed Roller's Double   Warranty Two Year Parts & Manufacturing
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