LC400 Tractor Mounted Wood Chipper


VALBY Wood Chippers are built for both affordability and durability. Valby Chippers produce uniform chips which can be used for burning/heating, animal bedding, landscaping and clearing. Valby chippers can chip soft and hard woods green or seasoned.

Disk Single   Manual Feed 630
Disk Diameter (in.) 24"   Hydraulic Feed 900
Disk Weight (lbs.) 150   Knives - Number 2
Disk Speed (rpm) 1080/200   Knives - Cutting Edge Single
Outpul (cu. yd/hr) 10-20   Bearings Spherical Roller Bearings
Chip Size (in.) 1/2"   Anvils 2 Adjustable
Capacity (in.) 4"   Power Source Tractor Power Take-off
Power Requirement 20-40   Linkage Three point Hitch
Drive Belt Trans.   PTO Input Speed 540 or 1000
Feed Options Self / Hydraulic   Discharge Rotation Unlimited Rotation
Hyd. Feed Roller's Single   Warranty Two Year Parts & Manufacturing

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