Knuckleboom Loaders for Woodlot Management

Primero HK3967 Loaders

The Primero line of forest equipment is targeted to the requirements of the part-time contractors and the active woodlot owners. The Primero line includes many features that are usually only found in equipment designed for professional users. Such features are: a single beam frame, which enables the bogie and the stake frames to be moved to a desired position. The trailer has hydraulic steering, which means that it has a side-shift feature which enables the operator to side-shift the tongue on the run. That feature enables the trailer to follow in the tracks of the tractor. The side shift can also be used to make sharper turns. By side-shifting the tongue, one can also move the loader out, for longer reach.

The rotation torque for the boom is an enormous 9.5 kNm, which is rarely found even on professional equipment of the same size. This great turning power comes from four cylinders and four racks on the turning mechanism. The turning mechanism has other features usually only found on professional machines, such as roller bearings. All joints have grease fittings, and every joint has a bronze bushing.


The loader is detachable from the trailer, and can be used independently on a tractor with a 3-point hitch. A Valby woodchipper can also be hooked up to the "A" frame, and can be fed with the knuckleboom loader.

The loader can be equipped with either "A" frame or folding-type outrigger legs. The folding type outrigger legs give extra stability, as they fold out to 105".


Max. Reach 21' 11"
Loader lifting capacity without grapple and rotator.  
5ft. 4055 lbs.
10ft. 2135 lbs.
15ft. 1420 lbs.
20ft. 1070 lbs.
Load Lifting Capacity at Max. Reach. 1010 lbs.
Boom Rotation Torque: 9.5 kNm
Bypass Grapple Max. opening 42"
Rotator (continuous rotation) Max. Load 6600 lbs.
Grapple Rotation Torque: 516 ft. lbs.
Weight of Grapple and Rotator 210 lbs.
Weight of Loader without support legs 1870 lbs.
Weight of adaptor and support legs 485 lbs.
Recommended Pump Capacity 6 to 13 Gallons per minute
Working Pressure 2600 PSI
Three point hitch linkage: Standard on both models