HV30 - 30 Ton Horizontal/Vertical Wood Splitter


Our Horizontal / Vertical 30 ton machine is built tough to withstand many types and sizes of logs for commercial and personal use. If you are looking for a machine that will withstand the punishment of continue use, cut logs of all types and sizes, and made from top quality and durable products, this is the machine for you! One Year Warranty on all Parts

There are numerous options that can be added to this machine to make it the ultimate splitting machine. Our standard unit come with an 8 HP engine and a 16 gpm 2 stage pump to give you a 16 second cycle time. We also can build this unit with larger engines and larger capacity pumps to decrease the cycle time to less than 10 seconds. We can also customize your unit with the many options below to make it the best machine for unique requirements. The machine pictured shows the optional fenders and brake lights and also has the suspension package added. This machine does require some assemble. Please contact us at 815-398-4726 to discuss how you would like us to customize your log splitter for you!


Key Benefits

  • 8 HP Honda or Briggs and Stratton gasoline engine
  • 30 tons of Ram Force
  • 2 stage 16 GPM Barnes Pump for a quicker 16 second cycle time
  • 5" cylinder with 2" Ram
  • Working Height From the Ground to the plate is 14"
  • 26" Maximum log length capability
  • Control valve automatically returns to start position after log has been split


SKU# Price
Unit above with 8 HP Briggs Commercial
HV30-1 $2,995.00
Unit above with Honda GX240 Commercial 8 HP engine HV30-2 $3,195.00

With the Extra Large Cylinder to bring you the 30 tons of pressure, this causes the log splitter cycle time to Increase to 16 seconds. We than offer a solution to this problem. By increasing the hydraulic pump to 22 gpm and the HP of the engine, this drops the cycle time down to 9 seconds and offers the power and speed in a single package!

We can also ad an "automatic Valve" to your splitter. This is a two handle valve that allows you to push both handles forward (they lock into this position), the splitter ram than will move forward a full stroke and than kick itself into reverse and will return back to the starting point of fully retracted.



SKU# Price
30 Ton with 23 gpm and 13 HP Honda Commercial Gasoline Engine HV30-23-2 $3,695.00
Add an Automatic Valve to any of our H30 log splitters Auto Valve $300.00

Other Options

There are several other items you can add to your splitter to make it closer to your own unique requirements. We have compiled a list of items that we can add to your item, but you can always contact us if you do not see an option you are interested in for your splitter.



SKU# Price
Electric Start ES $295.00
Fenders Fender $75.00
570 x 8 High Speed Tires for travel speeds over 45 MPH 570 Tires $125.00
Spring Suspension Springs $225.00
Brake Lights Lights $50.00
Hour Meter Meter $35.00
Front Wheel Stand Stand $45.00
4 way Wedge 4way $100.00
Cradle Attachment Cradle $95.00
2" Coupler (H12/H16 only) Coupler $30.00
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