Demolition Grapples - TG15-DG

The grapple has a flat mounting plate, so it can be used with either hanging or rigid rotators.

VALBY® Grapples have a bronze bushing and a grease fitting at every joint.

VALBY® Grapples have large, powerful cylinders with heavy pistons.    

A belly plate protects the cylinder from underneath.    

VALBY® Grapples have easily accessible grease fittings.

TG15DG 1-6 tons Opens to 44"
TG20DG 6-11 tons Opens to 62"
TG20DGW 11-13 tons Opens to 62"
TG25DG 13-19 tons Opens to77"
TG30DG 19-24 tons Opens to 92"
TG35DG 24-38 tons Opens to 92"


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