CH27 Tractor Mounted Wood Chipper


Biomass production technology plays an important role in climate dynamics.

Energy strategies along with both international and national climate initiatives call for a quick increase in the use of biofuels and in order to achieve these targets in the most sustainable manner as possible, we have had to make critical assessments of the growing production of bioenergy. Considerations have included energy-efficiency, ecofriendliness and costs. With these challenges in mind, we have completely re-evaluated the production of woodchips and biomass. The new FARMI Profi CH27 woodchipper is the first product in the FARMI PROFI series designed for both industrial and semi-commercial applications. The FARMI Profi CH27 woodchipper is one of the most energy-efficient on the market. Not only this, we have also developed its numerous technical and structural features to improve the productivity, safety and comfort in use! The development of FARMI Profi CH27 has taken over a year, initially ensuring to encapsulate the experience provided by the bestselling FARMI CH260 range. It has then been put through rigorous testing with numerous wooden materials and in various weather conditions to ensure quality of output. The FARMI Profi CH27 woodchipper is able to chip up to 270 mm thick wood and come in three models: ACC with a chain conveyor feeder, ACR with a roller feeder and DMR with a direct manual roller feed. Whatever your wood chipping application, The FARMI Three Step Disc chipping technology ensures the efficiency in producing top quality, homogeneous woodchip.

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