CH 260 OEM Electric or Engin Powered Sawmill Chipper


The CH 260 OEM Model

The Valby OEM is a rugged and inexpensive chipper for sawmills. Edgings and slabs up to 18" wide can be chipped. The chipper has a 16" pulley with 5 "B" V-belts.

Uniform Chips

All Valby CH 260 models have the same chip mechanism. The chips have to pass through TWO sets of blades and an optional crusher screen before they are blown out from the chipper. This chip mechanism produces exceptionally uniform chips which can be, for example, augered without further screening.

Double Disc Rotor

The boxed double disc rotor provides superior rigidity. The disc weighs 560 lbs. and has a diameter of 41". The rugged rotor houses three full-size 11.8" wide knives. The full-size knives are the key to the Valby chipper's high production.

Adjustable Chip Size

The chip size is continuously adjustable between ¼" and 1" length. This range covers almost all possible uses of wood chips. Some typical chip sizes are shown below. Bottom left is ¼" animal bedding. Top left, ½" energy chip. Bottom right, 3/4" pulp chip. Top right, 1" landscaping chip.


By the use of screens one can further increase the uniformity of the chips. The screens are mounted so that they prevent discharge of material which does not for reasons of size, or form, go through the screen. The material is then reduced to size by passing it through two sets of secondary cutters.


The solid construction of the rotor enables trees up to 10 ¼" in diameter to be chipped. Chip size and tree size determine production. The production ranges from 13 to 52 cu. yards per hour or approximately 3 to 15 tons of chips per hour. The chip size produced determines how fast the trees are pulled into the chipper. When producing 1/4" chips the tree will feed in about one foot per second. The feed is about 3 ft. per second for 1/2" chips.

The feed of the Valby chippers is about 10 ¼" at the anvil. The maximum width of the opening is 24". The thickness and form of the slab will determine how large a piece can fit in.

The hydraulic feed restricts the slab width to 10 ¼" as the slabs are fed in on a straight angle to the anvil.

Ease of Operation

The low feeding point ensures effortless feeding of the chipper, thus allowing the operator to stand with a straight back. The discharge is adjustable 360 degrees.

The chipper stands up by itself on the ground and is easy to hook up or remove from the tractor.

Feed Chutes

F 250 This feed is featured in the picture above to the right hand side. A control bar runs on top of the feed chute. The feed can be interrupted by the control bar. The wide feed chute is used for slabs, poles and other materials that need not be compressed.

Two different types of drop spouts are available for the Valby chippers. The angle of the spouts are steep so the material is gravity fed into the chipper.

Drop spouts can be used when the material is transported to the chipper by a conveyor or if the size of the material to be chipped is small. These kinds of applications are common in pallet mills and furniture factories.

The DF 230 and DF 232 Deop-Spouts

Safety Features

The Valby Chippers do not have knife motion toward the operator - this reduces the risk of loose material flying back through the feed chute.

The discharge height is 9 ½ feet (optionally 12 feet) above ground so the discharge is above eye level. To accomplish safe operation in various wind direction, the Valby chipper's discharge direction is adjustable 360 degrees.

The safety bar on top of the F 250 feed chute releases a flap which covers the feed opening. The Valby chippers also have several noise-reduction features. The discharge opening is above ear level. It is adjustable and can be directed away from the operator. The noise coming up through the feed chute is greatly reduced by the flap which covers the feed chute.


The chipper base has four bolt-holes, so the chipper can be bolted onto any flat surface. The motor mount for 40-60 HP electric motors is also available. The motor and chipper is mounted on a base which has provisions to tighten the belts.

The motor mount for the CH222 OEM and the CH 260 OEM Chippers makes it possible to mount the electric motor and chipper on the same base. The SML 232 motor-mount has provisions for tightening the belts, as well as a belt guard.


Chipper Model:

CH 260 OEM

Mounting: Stationary
Power Requirement: 40+ HP, 600-900 rpm
Chipping Disc: Diameter 41", Weight 560 lbs., boxed double disc
Chip Length: Continuously adjustable between ¼" to 1" length
Knives: Three 11.8" x 5.5" x .55" full-size knives
Anvil: Adjustable hardened steel anvil
In feed Capacity Round Wood: 10 ¼" diameter, up to 18" wide slabs
Discharge: Adjustable 360", standard discharge height 9 ft. optional height 11 ½ ft.
Feed System: Direct Feed
Production: 3 to 15 tons/hr., 13-52 cu yards/hr, 10-40 m^3/hr.
Shipping Weight: 1250 lbs