3PT Tractor Attachment - Wood Splitter


Our 20 ton attachment for trackers is a great machine and gives you the low cost of using your existing tractor for driving the hydraulics. Just hook up to the auxiliary outputs of your tractor and you are ready to use this log splitter. The standard pins use are category 1, but can be changed to match your needs. One Year Warranty on all Parts.

We also offer our 3 PT splitter with a PTO pump attachment. This pump is available in a variety of different sizes to match your tractors requirements.

In addition to our standard size models, we have added a 12 ton and 16 ton attachment to our 3 PT line. If you have a tractor that has a smaller hydraulic pump (less than 7 gpm) our 12 ton splitter will work great with your tractor giving you a cycle time of about 12 seconds. If you purchased the 16 ton for the same tractor your cycle time would be around 18 seconds. This splitter is still capable of splitting large logs, but will reduce your cycle time on your splitter tremendously.


Key Benefits

  • 12, 16 and 20 tons of Ram Force
  • Maximum log length capability 20" on the 12 and 16 ton units and 26" on the 20 ton machines
  • Control valve automatically returns to start position after log has been split
  • Available in John Deere Green, Ford Blue, and Kubota Orange


SKU# Price
Horizontal 3 PT Splitter with PTO Pump
3PTPTO $1,720.00
Horizontal / Vertical 3 PT Splitter with PTO Pump 3PTPTOHV $1,875.00
Horizontal / Vertical 3 PT 3PTHV $1,075.00
Vertical 3 PT 3PTV $950.00
Horizontal 3 PT 3PT $920.00
3 PT Attachment with 3 1/2" x 18" cylinder and 20" Log Capacity 3PT - 16 $695.00
3 PT Attachment with 3 " x 18" cylinder and 20" Log Capacity 3PT - 12 $675.00
4 way Wedge 4WAY $100.00
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