16 Ton Electric Wood Splitter


We have tried many different electric motors and many different configurations to come up with the ultimate electric log splitter. No more Oil changes, No more Trips to the Gas station, and No more loud Noise. Just plug this unit into your existing wall outlet and begin splitting. Our 16 ton log splitters can be either wired for 110 VAC or 220 VAC which ever works best for your house. These are High Amperage motors so we recommend that you have a 20 AMP circuit breaker on the line you are using to avoid circuit breaker problems.

Our 16 ton comes with a 2 HP motor which gives you the equivalent HP to a 8 HP Gasoline motor. With the high torque of these electric motors, you are not giving up any power, just the messiness and the maintenance of owning a log splitter. Complete One Year Warranty on all Parts.


Key Benefits

  • 2.0 HP Motors draws 18 AMPS at 110 VAC and 9.0 Amps at 220 VAC
  • 16 tons of Ram Force
  • 2 stage 11 GPM Barnes Pump for a quicker 10 - 14 second cycle time
  • 3", 3 1/2" cylinders
  • 20" Maximum log length capability with the 16 ton units
  • 16 ton units have 13" pneumatic tires and a garden tractor pin hitch for towing.


SKU# Price
Horizontal 16 Ton with 2 HP Electric Motor with 3 1/2" cylinder and 12 Second Cycle time
H16-4 $1,120.00
Tow Package - Add this to any one of these models to make your splitter towable with a car with a 2" Coupler Tow $125.00
Horizontal/Vertical 16 Ton with 2 HP Electric Motor with 3 1/2" cylinder and 12 Second Cycle time HV16-4 $1,220.00
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