Farmi Skidding Winches
Farmi skidding winches are usually mounted on the 3-point hitch of 17-200 HP farm tractors. The attachment converts the tractor into a budget skidder. Farmi skidding winches are "commercial grade" with excellent durability even in contractor use. The durability of these skidding winches is reflected in the warranties that the winches carry.
JL 290 JL 351P JL 501 JL 61 JL 86 JL 351 PHD & JL 501 HD
Tractor Mounted Chippers
We offer a suitable chipper for every kind of work – for energy chipping – for landscaping – for soil improvement - for combustion - for industrial – for dry litter etc. Tree trunks, logging and saw mill waste, saplings, twigs and branches from parks are good raw material for chips and can be chipped.
LC400 LC600 LC900 CH100 - F CH180
CH27 CH380      
Valby Grapples
Valby Grapples can be used to update log loaders to the modern bypass design. They are also used to convert compact excavators, backhoes and telescopic loaders for log loading use. The grapples can also be used as components for other log loading machinery such as skid steer loaders.
Log Grapples Demolition Grapples Sorting Grapples Stone Grapples Clamshell Grapples Felling Heads
Hangers Quick Hitches Rigid Rotators Hanging Rotators Tractor Grapples Skid Steer Grapples
We offer woodchippers that attach to a skidsteer as well as horizontal and horizontal/vertical woodchippers. We have woodchippers for use on 16 to 30 Ton tractors, as well as an electric model.
2030 HD 3036 Pro TB 530 SB 530 H16
3PT Tractor Attach. H20 HV20 H25 HV25
H30 HV30 16 Ton Electrick    


Three Rivers Forestry Equipment Inc. is a distributor of high quality forestry and agriculture equipment focusing on 3pt. tractor and skid steer winches, chippers, bypass grapples, log loaders and trailers.

We have been in business since 1997 serving the upper Midwest and beyond and our equipment has been shipped throughout the U.S. We offer friendly speedy and accurate service whether it is product specifications or warranty support.